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Meet Timothy Jacob

Timothy A. Jacob is an innovative leader and general manager. He is customer focused while being a systems thinker, strategic planner and tenacious implementer. Over the course of his 3O+ year career, Tim has managed multidisciplinary projects across multiple international manufacturing sites. He has acquired and implemented equipment in multiple locations, solved technical problems, led development organizations, managed profit and loss, and led a company wide initiative in operational excellence.

A seasoned practitioner of Lean Six Sigma, Tim achieves continuous improvement by emphasizing employee development and empowering employees at every level. As Director of Operational Excellence at Fairchild Semiconductor, Tim led cross-functional teams using Lean methodologies to resolve quality problems, reduce duplicate development challenges and eliminate waste. Over a six-year period $35M in improved profit were realized through increases in productivity.

In the role of Profit and Loss manager, Tim was keenly aware of how to understand the true costs associated with manufacturing a product or providing a service. His strong analytical skill allows him to reveal the relationship between operational metrics and cost. At the same time he sees the bigger picture and knows when to transition from analysis to action. From his analysis he championed and led the effort to redesign existing product lines into newer technologies, greatly reducing product cost and increase profitability. Tim initiated a product development outsource process to perform the redesign resulting in multi year relationship which netted Fairchild millions of dollars of increased gross profit and without using new product development resources.

As a Product Development Engineering manager, he redirected characterization group to include manufacturability in its charter, improving new product introductions significantly. As part of the original effort to improve cycle time Tim sponsored and lead a redesigned of the Test, Package Development and characterization groups from a discipline structure to a cross functional structure improving cycle time quality and performance to commitments.

Early in his career Tim had extensive off shore experience, working independently in assembly and test facilities, including several long-term assignments in Germany, Japan, Penang, and Singapore. Objectives were to improve quality level and yields, provide technical training, install test capacity, visit customers and develop pilot production process for new products. He supported consolidation and transfer of operations to Singapore.

As an individual contributor Tim identified and proposed fixes for two critical to success quality problems on a new technology that went on to become a $200M/year revenue generator. In support of that new technology he acquired and implemented into production a new test platform, of 100 units, into the Singapore operation in support of ramping the new technology. He also developed a new product introduction process that assured manufacturablity upon product release.

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Timothy has actively pursued professional development with an emphasis on leadership and operation management. His continuing education credits include coursework in: "Red X Strategies for Problem Solving", "Black Belt Operational Lean Six Sigma", MIT Organizational Learning Center "Personal Mastery", Center for Creative Leadership "Looking Glass Work Shop" and Western Business School, Ontario, Canada "Marketing Leadership".

An avid outdoors enthusiast, Tim lives with his family in Cumberland Foreside.