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Meet Scott Balfour

Scott Balfour is a business consultant and entrepreneur with nearly 40 years of professional experience. As CEO of numerous companies, he has arranged financing and secured complicated transactions for businesses and commercial ventures. Himself, a business owner several times, Scott fully understands the entrepreneurial mindset and knows how to successfully guide his clients to the next level.

An entrepreneur and business owner with almost 40 years of experience, Scott Balfour is a business advisor, and business sales specialist. He currently consults with many small businesses in Maine and invests in commercial and residential properties. With his finely honed marketing, financing and negotiating skills, Scott has started, acquired and sold several businesses for his own account.

Throughout his four-decade career, Scott has served as President and CEO of franchised and non-franchised businesses, purchased six companies including those in the wireless fields along with the brokerage industry, and oversaw the creation of a residential neighborhood - from land development to construction to sales. He also co-founded a start-up Internet business, leading the company through its first round of funding with a venture capitalist, and made a run at an IPO. In working with his small family business of five employees, Scott grew the company significantly - bringing it up to par with other leading Maine agencies - adding two more locations and 46 employees before selling it.

"The entrepreneurial spirit is something I truly value," Scott said. "Entrepreneurial drive is the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done well. Entrepreneurs are the risk takers - the 'doers' of society."

As a business owner consulting for business owners, Scott understands the opportunities available - and the pitfalls lurking. Early in his career, he was employed with a property management company where he mastered the critical skills of listening to a client's problem, evaluating and defining it. That is his winning formula for problem solving and solution implementation. He later became CEO of that company.

"I do not simply 'do' a job," Scott explained. "I take the time to understand how it impacts my client and help them understand the conditions. Then they see how conclusions were drawn and it is clear how these decisions positively affect them."

His clients not only realize the inherent value of a career built on confidence, but also the entrepreneurial understanding that drives it. It is this that has enabled Scott to achieve success throughout his life.

"Scott had patience and dogged persistence in bringing qualified buyers to the table. I especially appreciate that he would take the time just to converse. It was not just a business, but an evident interest in people," said Brian Harger. (client)

Scott was awarded a Life Term membership by the Maine Association of Realtors, for more than 35 years of professional service. He earned his B.S. degree in business from Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts.