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Meet Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson is a product development and business process professional with over 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions with Fairchild, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments. His background is in product and technology development with a focus in core business processes. He has successfully led teams to drive organizational development and change to enhance productivity and profitability. His ability to see the systems at work, provide strategic guidance, and work with people across an organization enables enhanced development and fast learning cycles.

Over the years he has managed groups performing all the functions associated with product and technology development giving him a broad perspective on how to introduce products to market quickly and with very high quality. Most recently, as a part of the senior leadership for technology development, Terry developed strategic technology roadmaps, managed the execution of projects, and led the worldwide Automation Development team. He was responsibility for all procurement, development, and support for tools needed for development activities. The project management team he managed led the execution for technologies developed. As the business process owner for development activities he drove process improvements across the organization.

He has worked across multiple sites and developed highly effective teams in Asia as well as the US. He understands the complexity of remote management and the importance of great communication.

His experience with the systems at work, both designed and unintended, as well as cultures across countries and locations enables him to get to the heart of performance issues and find effective solutions.

He has a passion for how organizations and team develop and learn. Using skills from many different arenas, he has worked with individuals and teams on business processes to drive performance. Improvement projects include: driving product development cycle times to a 3X improvement, developing systems to ensure complete business cases on all products, goal alignment to ensure resource allocations match strategies, on-time delivery of critical technology items to enable new products, and product life-cycle management systems and methodologies.

Terry has a Bachelor's of Science degree from Montana State University and significant training in leadership, quality systems, and performance improvement techniques.